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Well, you're not alone. In fact scientists have given us 2 reasons why the whole concept of “dieting” is completely backwards:

Does this meal plan focus on weight loss AND health?

Yes, both! We believe in the ripple effect relationship between health and weight loss. First we promote a detox, to flush the body of toxins, and allow your cells to attack the foreign invaders that have been hiding. Then we feed the body nutritious, high fiber foods that break that processed food addiction, and make us feel full. In this way, health comes first, and the weight loss is an all natural added bonus!

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to eat whatever they want, and remain thin?

Have you known someone who lost some weight, only to gain it all back, and maybe even a little more?

Have you ever felt stuck, like your body was just not meant to be thin?

What you resist, persists - Modern psychology points out that the more we deny something, the MORE we crave it. Studies have shown that people on a diet are 9 times more likely to fantasize about food. (Even brain scans have shown that when a dieter craves food, it creates the same amount of dopamine in the brain as an addict craving their drug!)

Restrictive dieting slows down metabolism - The longer we’re on a diet, the slower our metabolic rate becomes. Losing that first few pounds in the beginning can be simple, but as time progresses, we need to work harder and harder.

So instead of restricting yourself, GIVE YOUR BODY 30

Give your body 30 was designed to heal and repair you from the inside out. It detoxifies your body, and breaks the addiction to inflammatory and harmful foods.

30 Day Detox Meal Plan ($47 value)

Banishes toxins from your body with healthy meals

(Digital Ebook Download)

Fully Loaded Video Detox Series ($200 value)

Step by Step guide through the detox process

Built-In Sugar Detox Protocol ($37 value)

Break your addiction to sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy

Whole Foods Recipe Book ($59 value)

Delicious, guilt-free, healthy recipes at home

Food as Medicine ($19 value)

How naturopathic doctors use food to prevent & treat disease

Strategies for Success ($19 value)

How Drew preps his meals and plans ahead each week

Recipe How To Videos ($19 value)

Learn Drew's favorite healthy snack recipes step by step

Manage Your Mindset ($19 value)

With your new healthy lifestyle comes a new, positive attitude

“I'm so grateful for so many men and women who have called and emailed me, thanking me for this meal plan and raving about their incredible weight loss and health. “ -Drew

My whole family loves every recipe I've tried so far. They are full of real, whole foods at their finest! Well done Drew Canole- Kathy Shearer

People are Saying:

Awesome recipes that are easy to make. I enjoy seeing my meal come to life and actually know what's in it. Enough can't be said about it. Love the meals!  - Jonathan Rivera

"Oh my gosh +Mae Desmond and Drew Canole...I can't say enough about the recipes!!! I have tried so many of them and each one I try is outstanding and so delicious!!! I love the food in this program!!! If getting healthy and fit is this yummy...everyone should be doing this!! I love, love, love this program!!! I urge everyone to try it out!!!! :)"  - Jill Smart

Get immediate access to this incredible meal plan:

I have never heard a single complaint about this meal plan, and I trust that your health, and the health of everyone around you will benefit from this incredibly powerful, life changing information. If this product isn’t for you, you’re still going to have an incredible experience. But with a 100% guarantee, you have nothing to lose but belly-fat, sweat and everything to gain. If you don’t absolutely love your results, I’ll give you a full refund.


Would Drew recommend this program?

Yes, Drew recommends this program. Drew has used this meal plan and the additional bonuses with clients all over the world to incredible success. His clients have paid tens of thousands for this information, and it’s available to you now at a fraction of the price. If you stay committed, and follow the proven plan in this program, this will be information that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

Doesn’t the Juice With Drew System give me everything I need?

That system is an incredible first step and will undoubtedly jumpstart your health and weight loss. This meal plan and program is the next logical step. We don’t recommend anyone drink juice and nothing else. After your incredible experience with the Juice With Drew System, you will want to continue feeling great, having amazing sleep, tons of energy. You will want to continue having a boosted immune system, and continue watching your skin clear up. You will want to continue losing weight, and this the next step in that direction.

Is this meal plan and program worth the extra money?

Absolutely! This will be your road map to a newer, healthier you. It’s all been done for you and planned out. It’s simple and easy, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This program, if followed correctly, will guide you to health and happiness on the inside and out, and this information will teach you how to continue your quest for health for many years to come.


(Digital Ebook Download)

(Digital Ebook Download)